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To bring joy and happiness to people
through our high-quality localized content services


Kiwi Vine is the leading media localization provider

that offers webtoon/web novel localization, subtitling, dubbing, media processing services.

Kiwi Vine provides an end-to-end localization solution for various media content

such as webtoons, web novels, films, dramas, TV series, documentaries and animations.

Kiwi Vine's mission statement is to "bring people joy and happiness

through our high-quality localized content and services."

Kiwi Vine shows great appreciation for those who:

• Execute their work thoroughly and responsibly in order to produce top-quality localized content

• Take initiative and actively work toward seeking problems and finding solutions

• Contribute to the team by constantly improving themselves and grow

We strive to give our employees various chances to grow by challenging themselves,

to feel fulfilled through their achievements, and to help the company flourish.

We hope to work with many skilled and talented people,

so please apply if you're interested in being a part of our team!

Kiwi Vine does a wide range of languages

in both translation and dubbing, and does their job accurately as well.


They always replied to my inquiries promptly

and were consistently passionate about their work.

They are a great partner to us.

— Mira Lee, 72 Seconds

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